Device Security in a Workplace

Nowadays, not only does the majority or work done by employees is done online at work, but many individuals have opted to bring in their own devices to easily carry work from one area to the next if needed. This could mean passing on work from smartphones, tables, and laptops, however this also means paying attention to the security measures taken should be incredibly important. Ensuring that all these devices that are provided to by the company or that employees bring in to use for work-related tasks but have high-speed and reliable wireless connectivity to properly work on what needs to be done and all data is secure on these devices.

Enstal is specialized in this type of security. They know that many individuals have opted for the use of their own devices and therefore know and provide the best BYOD-solutions available. With their technologies, a mobile workforce is easy regardless of where you work from or what device you to choose to use. There is no longer any need to compromise the security of your sensitive data, the performance of your programs, or the reliability of a network. Enstal knows that a proper wireless assessment will allow a better understanding of your company’s needs, providing wireless site surveys as needed. In addition, Enstal cares about the entirety of the mobile workforce environment and will provide solutions as needed for BYOD Posture Assessment, onboarding device automation, a secure guest wireless connection, along with other solutions your team or clients may need.